Sri M's

3-day London Workshop


Raja Yoga

Exploring Swami Vivekananda's interpretation of the

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

7 (Fri), 8 (Sat) & 9 (Sun) June 2024

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A 3-day workshop on: "Raja Yoga - Exploring Swami Vivekananda's interpretation of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali"

Dive into the depths of ancient wisdom as Sri M unravels the essence of Raja Yoga through the lens of Swami Vivekananda's teachings.

This workshop serves as a unique opportunity to explore the timeless teachings of ancient wisdom in the context of contemporary life. Sri M's profound understanding and compassionate guidance will empower participants to integrate these teachings into their daily lives, fostering greater harmony, balance, and spiritual fulfillment.

Kriya Yoga Initiation / Kriya Reviews during this 3-day workshop in London.

We request you to read the instructions carefully before you register. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete the registration process once it opens up.

Workshop Dates

7 (Fri), 8 (Sat) & 9 (Sun) June 2024


8:00 am to 06:45 pm

( Full schedule will be sent to participants closer to the time )


Indian Gymkhana Club,

Thornbury Ave, Osterley, Isleworth TW7 4NQ


Anyone aged 12 years & above is welcome to register

Suggested Minimum Donation

Children & Students 12 years & above £ 250

Adults £ 350

Note: This donation amount covers only the workshop expenses, Tea/Coffee, lunch & light snacks in the evening. It does not include accommodation, breakfast, dinner or travel costs.

After covering operational expenses, all donations will be directed towards furthering our charitable objectives and establishing a retreat center here in the UK. Please note that neither Sri M nor any of our trustees/volunteers receive any form of payment.


  • The workshop will give participants ample opportunities to interact with Sri M, although due to practical reasons and time constraints, there may not be any private one-to-one meetings.

  • Please kindly note Sri M does not charge any fee for his teachings. He happily accepts a flower and a coin as Guru Dakshina. Dakshina is the traditional offering to a spiritual teacher for the teachings.

  • There are Yoga sessions planned during the workshop, so please bring your yoga mat/cushion if you require it (the floor is carpeted though). Chairs are also available for those who cannot sit down on the floor.

  • We intend to have a Dhuni (Sacred Fire) meditation with Sri M. A Dhuni is a fire used by yogis to enter into the depths of their inner being. Participants are welcome to stay back and meditate near Dhuni (Sacred Fire) till 8:00 pm. Sri M says, "Fire is much deeper, I believe fire has a life on its own and it relates to you in a certain way when you sit for long periods before a Dhuni and meditate. It helps to light the inner fire if you meditate on the outer fire."

  • The facilitators/volunteers of Sri M's UK programs are all working professionals with full-time day jobs. Therefore, please be patient if we do not respond right away. Please contact via the CONTACT US form, only in case of urgency please call between 6 pm to 8 pm UK Time.

  • Registration is mandatory for this event. You are welcome to register for more than one workshop.

  • Upon registration, an automated acknowledgment email will be sent to you. Please ensure that your details are accurate. It's important to note that this email does not confirm the reservation of your seat. You will receive a provisional confirmation number from us, which may take approximately a week to process.

  • We kindly request that you check your spam/junk folder if you have already registered but have not yet received any provisional confirmation, before contacting us.

  • Kindly refrain from submitting duplicate registrations. Should you need to make any adjustments to your registration details, you will find a link in the automated email provided for that purpose.

  • The workshop is open only to participants aged 12 years & above. We would like you to encourage your children (12yrs & above) to benefit from Sri M's workshop and extend the invitation to your family and friends as well.

  • Once the registration is open, please use a separate form for each participant. One Participant = One Registration Form. If you are booking for a group, please use the same email address for all participants in the group. Please also use this email address for making payments and any communication.

  • The registration process will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and priority will be given to students and participants meeting Sri M for the first time.

  • If the information provided in the registration form is incorrect or not complete, we reserve the right to cancel your registration.

  • Participants must attend the full 3-day workshop. Partial payments and partial attendance are not permitted. Unregistered participants are not allowed to attend the workshop and there will not be any on-the-spot registrations on the day of the workshop. Furthermore, each registration is unique and non-transferable.

  • Participants will need to provide a recent passport-size digital photo that'll be used in the Workshop ID card, which you must wear during the workshop

  • The participants' photo identity will be checked throughout the workshop. Please kindly bring a valid Student ID and/or government-approved photo ID document such as a Passport, Driving License, etc to the workshop.

  • You are requested to be at the venue at 8:00 am to facilitate your ID checks and receive the workshop ID card.

  • Please wear attire that provides adequate coverage for the entire body. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended to allow for ease of movement during yoga asanas and other workshop activities.

  • Each morning, we will begin our session with YogaM / Meditation with Sri M, on a light stomach. Kindly note that breakfast will not be served, please have your breakfast at least 1 Hr 30 Mins before arriving at the venue.


  • Seating arrangements will be managed by the organizers, and we kindly ask participants to adhere to these arrangements.

  • Our objective is to provide new participants with the opportunity to sit closer to the stage.


  • Participants are not permitted to record Audio / Video and Photographs during the workshop.

  • We will be capturing photos and recording sessions with Sri M. If you prefer not to be photographed or recorded, kindly ensure you remain out of the frame during these recordings and photoshoots.

  • All photos / recording that we take during the workshop may be used for publication on social media and other platforms.

  • If participants unintentionally appear in the frame during the photo/video sessions, please be aware that these photos may be utilized for publication on social media and various platforms, unless they formally request in writing to have their photos removed.


  • Embrace this exceptional chance to be in the presence of Sri M. Take ample time to reflect on his teachings during the workshop without letting any moment slip away. This event is organized by volunteers with your support. We humbly request you to be kind to fellow participants, and our volunteers and make the best use of the workshop.


  • Full Refund minus any bank charges will be given for cancellation requests received on or before 07 May 2024. We are unable to process any refunds after 07 May 2024.

  • Refunds will be processed 1 week after the workshop