The Sacred Grove Foundation

Centre for Exploring Consciousness & Holistic Well-being

Welcome to The Sacred Grove Foundation UK, the center of holistic well-being, officially inaugurated on June 23, 2023, following the grand unveiling of our website by the venerable SRI M on June 9, 2023.

Over the years, Sri M's efforts as a social reformer and educationist have given rise to many successful initiatives in the sectors of Education, Health & Wellness, Community Welfare, Sustainable Living, Environment, Interfaith Harmony, Peace and Exploring Consciousness.

Our Mission & Inception

The Sacred Grove Foundation UK stands as the UK wing of Sri M's global initiative to share the values of yoga and foster well-being. Our mission is clear—to guide individuals towards joy, health, and well-being through the profound practices of yoga, Ayurveda's healing therapies, and the inner peace found in meditation. Sri M's teachings serve as the key to unlocking hidden potential and living in harmony.

Embracing Spirituality in Modern Life

Acknowledging the increasing recognition of spirituality, we understand that the stress of modern life and shifting roots push more people to connect with the Spirit. The path we tread at the UK Centre is open to all who aspire to create a better life and contribute to a brighter future for humanity.

Charitable Objectives

[ 1 ] Advancement of Health & Well-being:

We are committed to providing opportunities for individuals and communities to enhance physical and mental well-being. This includes promoting the practice of yoga, meditation, and holistic well-being practices. Our offerings encompass a range of yogic courses, well-being therapies, and educational resources, fostering a state of balance, harmony, and well-being. To achieve this, we

  • Promote the practice of yoga, meditation, and holistic well-being practices.

  • Offer a comprehensive range of yogic courses, from foundational practices suitable for beginners to advanced teacher training programs.

  • Provide well-being therapies focusing on detoxification, destress, and dietary correction, preparing the body and mind for spiritual progress through Ayurvedic practices, Yogasanas, and Pranayama.

  • Furnish educational resources, including a library of instructional literature, multimedia learning materials, and guided practice sessions.

  • We offer Yoga to people of all backgrounds and honor their existing religious, cultural and backgrounds. Anyone who sincerely and dedicatedly practices, gets the desired results.

[ 2 ] Education / Training:

We aim to deepen individuals' understanding and appreciation of yoga, spiritual progress, and holistic well-being. Our qualified yoga teachers and therapists undergo rigorous training, ensuring high-quality and safe practices. Additionally, we extend support to underprivileged students through grants and resources, promoting equal access to education for all. Key elements of our educational/training initiatives include:

  • Developing and distributing educational material, be it printing, digitizing, or creating short videos/audio lectures for communities and individuals.

  • Ensuring our yoga teachers and therapists hold a minimum of 200-hour certified training recognized by esteemed bodies like the Yoga Alliance or Yoga Certification Board.

  • Requiring our teachers to possess a minimum of three years of practical experience post-certification.

  • Adhering to high standards in recruitment and course delivery set by recognized yoga institutions.

  • Supporting education and training initiatives for underprivileged students globally through grants, resources, and scholarships.

[ 3 ] Promoting Arts/Culture & Religious / Social / Communal Harmony:

The foundation aspires to promote the values and principles of Sanatana Dharma and Yogic traditions, fostering compassion, non-violence, and service to others. Through partnerships with local organizations, religious institutions, and community groups, we work towards promoting dialogue, understanding, and interfaith harmony. Our inclusive approach welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, honoring their existing religious and cultural diversity. In achieving this, we:

  • Aim to cultivate more united, compassionate, and inclusive communities.

  • Support religious and cultural events and activities.

  • Emphasize the significance of interfaith, religious, communal, and social harmony, through the documentaries such as Walking with M which promotes peace, harmony and tolerance.

Join Us on the Journey

At The Sacred Grove Foundation, our seasoned professionals, equipped with qualifications in yoga education and therapeutic practices, ensure that our offerings meet the highest educational standards. We invite you to join us on this enriching journey towards holistic well-being, education, and communal harmony. Together, let's create cohesive, compassionate, and inclusive communities as we collectively strive for a better, more harmonious world.


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